Sunday, February 1, 2015

More Snow & Other Stories...

Most of the time I love Connecticut.  I really do.  But there are time when I absolutely cannot believe that this is where I wound up.  I've lived everywhere, yet somehow can't seem to escape the Hudson River Valley and its surrounding environment.

It's fourteen degrees, and we're supposed to be getting another 5" to 8" of snow this evening.  And what am I going to do about?  I think I'm going to try to run outside later today, so that I can at least get a little sun and vitamin D before the next round of frozen tundra descends on the entire area.
Mitt Romney’s decision to forgo a third try at the White House has settled the question of whether the 2016 GOP presidential field has a front-runner — bestowing a coveted status on former Florida governor Jeb Bush that also raises new challenges and perils.

Please.  This is idiocy.  Bush was always the front-runner.  This was doubly true after Romney ran such an abysmal campaign last time, but there was at no point going to be a defection among the Republican party establishment away from Bush.  Quite apart from the dynastic logic of his run, he's the only moderate Republican in an era when only moderate Republicans can get elected, and he was the governor of Florida!

I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking, "Dan only likes this guy because he's on Instagram."  Not true.  I like him because he's on Instagram and because he shoots most of his Instagram shots in New York.


Junior Seau, 7 Others Elected to Pro Football HOF (WEEI.Com)
Belichick had said on Thursday that the election of Seau was a no-brainer and that “it’s obviously got to happen” for the man who spent most of his career with the Chargers, before moving onto Miami and New England. Seau starred for 20 NFL seasons during which time he established himself as one the finest linebackers in league history. Named first-team All-Pro eight times, he was selected to 12 Pro Bowls and named NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 1992. His final four seasons were spent under Belichick with the Patriots from 2006-09.

Seau played most of his career with the Chargers, and that's
how I became one of his fans.  However, he also played for the Pats,
and the Pats are in tonight's Super Bowl.
Seau certainly deserved to get into the HOF.  He played twenty season, mostly at a very high level.  It was impressive.  It also damaged his brain and led to his suicide, but that does nothing to take away from what he accomplished in his chosen profession, and it is therefore fitting that they honored him as soon as they could.  Truthfully, they could do little else.


BeachYogaGirl is one of my favorite follows on Instagram.  Today, though, it hurts just looking at her.

Rodgers is your MVP.

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There's a game on tonight.  I wish I was more interested, but I hardly care.  

The Giants closed the season with some progress, and the playoffs were interesting, but regardless of which team wins tonight, we'll hardly be able to call it a surprise.  New England has been to six Super Bowls since Tom Brady became their starter.  The Seahawks have made the playoffs consistently since bringing Pete Carrol and Russell Wilson into the team, and if they win tonight, they'll have two championships in a row.  Neither result would do much for parity in the League.  Granted, we may see a great game, but this could just as easily be a grinding victory for either team.

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Eh.  My kids will be happy to see Katy Perry.  I guess that's something.

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