Monday, February 2, 2015

That was a Great Super Bowl...

...but this had to be my favorite part of it:

My kids had been telling us before the game that the halftime show was supposed to include some sharks.  We all thought that was going to be awesome.  None of us, though, knew it was going to be this awesome.

I thought the halftime show was brilliant.

Beyond that, I thought both teams played well, and that this was generally the most exciting Super Bowl we've seen since the one where David Tyree made that amazing catch on the side of his helmet.  Even then, my perception is surely more than a little biased.


...does not even begin to show the epic level of Internet trolling going on in the wake of that game.

Seahawks nation is understandably upset about the way things ended.

GoDaddy had to pull this ad because of public backlash:

It's true.  People love puppies.

This one was my favorite.  It was also pulled before the game:

Of commercials that actually aired, this one was by far and away my personal favorite.  Sally loved it, too.  That said, it still very nearly sparked an awkward conversation in our living room with the girls.

Alas, New Englanders can celebrate today, but Giants fans--like every other fanbase in the League--have already moved on.

Football is done until late August.  This bodes well for my Sunday workout routine, but it means there's barely anything worth watching on TV anymore.


Did I mention that it's snowing again?

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