Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Secret Warriors and Other Stories...

It's obvious in retrospect.
‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Is Getting Super Powers Next Season With ‘Secret Warriors’ (Uproxx)
The Secret Warriors first appeared in the Secret Invasion crossover event and featured Nick Fury at the helm against an Army of alien invaders...

I've seen this news about the Secret Warriors all over the Internet, but despite being as big a comic geek as anyone, I had to look them up to know who the Hell these people are.

 It turns out that the Secret Warriors are actually a super-team of SHIELD agents led by Nick Fury in the Secret Invasion / Dark Reign storylines.  In the comics, skrulls invade Earth and give the Earth's heroes quite a beat-down.  Norman Osborn (the Green Goblin) eventually comes to the rescue and helps turn the tide, along with a bunch of C-List superheroes spread randomly across a bunch of tie-in books.  In the wake of this battle, Earth's governments lose confidence in SHIELD and install Osborn in place of Fury as the director of HAMMER, a new organization now given SHIELD's mandate.  But Fury doesn't trust Osborn, and he recruits his own team to keep an eye on things.  That team is the Secret Warriors.

The Secret Warriors briefly got their own series
back in 2008.
All of this is interesting because we know that Civil War is coming up, and we can suspect that we'll see at least one alien invasion in the Infinity War movies.  We've also seen governments lose faith in SHIELD.  So there's a place for these guys in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though exactly how remains something of a mystery.

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I think we're done here.  Have a nice Sunday.

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