Friday, January 19, 2018

5 Things on a Friday: One Team?

Happy Friday, everybody!

Let's start with a little geography lesson, yeah?  It's apropos for a Friday morning.

North and South Korea agreed on Wednesday to have their athletes march together under one flag at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics next month and to field a joint women’s ice hockey team, the most dramatic gesture of reconciliation between the two nations in a decade…
[T]he women’s ice-hockey squad will be the first combined Korean team for the Olympics, and the first unified team since their athletes played together for an international table-tennis championship and a youth soccer tournament in 1991.
think this is progress, but then, I thought they were making progress last time.  I was in Korea for the Sunshine Policy from 1999 to 2000, and although it looked promising at the time, it sure didn't last.

I don't think there are
any actual coins.
Bitcoin is a bubble.
That much was clear to economists, investors, and analysts for quite some time. But one of the shortcomings of such analysis is that certainty of an economic bubble offers little insight on how, when, or why that bubble will pop. “I can say almost with certainty that they will come to a bad ending,” Warren Buffett said last week, to the great consternation of crypto fans. “When it happens or how or anything else, I don't know.”
When you saw it in the mainstream media, it was already time to sell.  As a matter of general economic principle, any time your hairdresser starts talking how some complicated financial instrument “can’t miss,” it’s time to take profits and get out.

It starts at quarterback, as the Ravens’ Trent Dilfer and the Jaguars’ Blake Bortles led a run-oriented attack and were tasked to minimize mistakes and play a ball-control game. Both quarterbacks endured plenty of criticism during the season and faced questions about whether they were good enough to lead a team on a deep playoff run.
The current Jaguars have a more productive offense and passing game than the 2000 Ravens did, but the various rules nowadays favor the offense and spur bigger numbers. During the regular season, the Jaguars ranked sixth in yards per game (365.9), 17th in passing yards per game (224.6) and fifth in points per game (26.1). The 2000 Ravens were 16th in yards per game (313.4), 22nd in passing yards per game (175.9) and 14th in points per game (20.8).
There’s a lot more hope here than actual data, but it’s cool.  I think the Jags could win.  I don’t know that they will, but they definitely could.  The Jags have the right defensive mix to get in Brady’s head.  But Brady is Brady, so…
Really, this game comes down to good versus evil.  If you believe in the power of good and the general decency of humankind, you’re obligated to pull for the Jags.  If you worship evil, then go ahead and root for the Pats.

Most fan films are short affairs. The creators behind "Voldemort: Origins of the Heir" crafted the equivalent of a video novella with their creative and action-packed 50-minute Harry Potter movie…
The video, released over the weekend, comes from Tryangle Films and is a non-commercial production that's not affiliated with writer J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros., the studio behind the Potter film adaptations.

The good news is that they haven’t had to take it down yet...

5. 2017 Final Ranking Of All 130 Head Coaches (College Football News)
1. Jeff Monken, Army
No one else did more with less, at least in terms of raw talent. It was all about schemes, systems, and precision…
The [Black] Knights have one style of offense, that’s all they do, they don’t throw, and they managed to win with it as Monken’s team ran the attack to near-perfection.
I think maybe Coach Scott Frost, formerly of UCF, had an argument here, but okay.  I’ll take it.
* * *
That’s all I’ve got, folks.  Enjoy the weekend.

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