Friday, February 16, 2018

5 Things on a Friday: Remarried Atop the Mountain

Happy Friday, folks!
It's a love-theme this week.  We're still in Valentines Day mode.
1. Report says FBI college basketball probe could result in NCAA violations for three dozen programs (SB*Nation)
“It’s not the mid-major programs who were trying to buy players to get to the top,” a source told ESPN. “It’s the teams that are already there.”
But.  There have also been a bunch of allegations against the investigators, and some serious heavy hitters in the sports-media-apparel industry are bringing big-gun lawyers to argue that none of this is a Federal crime.
Were I betting on this thing, I think I might take the Serious Corporate Lawyers (-7.5) against the FBI.
The bipartisan measure, sponsored by eight Democrats, eight Republicans and one independent, would appropriate $25 billion for border security, including construction of the president’s proposed wall at the Mexican border, over a 10-year period — not immediately, as Mr. Trump demands.
It would also offer an eventual path to citizenship, over 10 to 12 years, for 1.8 million of the young undocumented immigrants, but would preclude them from sponsoring their parents to become citizens. It would make no changes to the diversity visa lottery system, which Mr. Trump wants to end.
I take it as a good sign that both sides seem to be negotiating in good faith, now for the second time in as many weeks.  I don’t know that this is necessarily how things will work out, but if we start reaching some legitimately bipartisan solutions in government, the government itself will be stronger, and that serves everyone.  
Granted, I didn’t love the budget deal, but I’ll take a breakup of the current gridlock as a realistic first step.  Who knows?  It may even be that sensible revenue policies will show up in the fullness of time.
3. The Incredibles 2
You wait more than ten years to put out a sequel, and then pick the story up ten minutes after the last movie ended?  Definitely not what I was expecting.
I hope for great things from this movie, I really do, but the original Incredibles was always going to be incredibly hard to top.
4. Remarried at Mt. Snow  
This was a spur of the moment thing, but it really worked out beautifully.  Mount Snow had a Valentines Day sale on lift tickets where couple could ski for $59.  We stayed at a bed and breakfast and despite a bit of rain this past week had the best skiing so far this season.  We really enjoyed ourselves.
We renewed our vows at the top of Cloud Nine.

5.  Army Men’s Lax is 2-0
The team has two really convincing wins.  They beat a good UMass team in the opener by an incredible score of 18-6 before throttling NJIT.  It’s worth noting, too, that the Black Knights started pulling some of their starters in the second half against NJIT, including goalie A.J. Barretto, so this week’s victory was actually quite a bit more lopsided than it even looked.
Army has a big game against #7 Rutgers this Saturday at home.  Face off is at 2:30 pm.  The game is available via the Patriot League Network on WatchStadium.Com at no charge.
By the way, the Women are 1-0 with a big game this weekend against Marist.  That one starts at noon and will also be on the Patriot League Network.

* * *

That's all I've got.  Enjoy the weekend!

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