Tuesday, May 14, 2013

After Work: Beers for Relaxing

As I write this, it's Monday evening, and Sally and I are getting ready to relax with a couple of beers.  Today's beers of choice are Hoptimum, Sierra Nevada's Imperial IPA (for me), and Widmer Brothers' Unfiltered Hefeweizen.

Sierra Nevada makes a lot of nice beers.  I particularly like their Celebration Winter Seasonal and their Ruthless Rye IPA Spring Seasonal, but Hoptimum is the one that brings the funk.  At 10.4% ABV, Hoptimum is like drinking a super-nice loaf of bread--if you were looking for bread that could kick you straight in the teeth.

It's Monday.  That's sort of what fit my mood.

Widmer Brothers is a newer brewery--at least for me.  I bought a sampler pack about two weeks ago, and I've been slowly making my way through it.  I really liked one of their spring seasonal IPAs, the O'Ryely Rotator IPA, but of course, that only means that it ran out super-fast.  And I haven't been able to find it in a six-pack or case since.

Anyway, Sally's not nearly the hop-head that I am, and chances are that your wife or girlfriend isn't either.  But she does like White Beers (i.e. wheat beers), so the Hefeweizen was right up her alley.

She's a happy girl now.

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