Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Hair Metal: Natalie Maines's "Mother"

Natalie Maines was on NPR last night, and in the interview, I learned that she has a new solo album.  The album is called Mother, and this is the title track.

The interviewer noted that the new album is "empthatically not a country album," and Maines responded that she'd never really thought of herself as a country singer.  Which is maybe a little weird, but I suppose at this point I can see why she'd say that.  I gotta say, though, that while her songs are instrumentally not country (maybe), her vocal progressions certainly still sound that way--at least in my ears.

Anyway, the NPR interviewer also noted that this song is creepy as Hell, and on that I agree emphatically.  Maines responded that she'd tried to sing from the point of view of the child, but that she herself is a mother, and that she can therefore see why, as a mother, the subject of this song would want to wrap her kid in bubble-wrap and build a wall around him.

Yeah.  That comes through loud and clear.

I dig this one.

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