Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Hair Metal: Right Here, Right Now

I'm in a Sammy Hagar kind of mood.  What does that say about me, exactly?

And if that's not enough of a mind-trip for you, this video is from a year ago, which means that it has David Lee Roth fronting the band again, singing one of the Hagar-era hits.

Eh.  I take it back.  YouTube, I posted this video because of false advertising!


  1. Yeah, it's pretty old considering it's got Mike in it too. Actually, it looks like it could be from their first run together.

    1. The video description said that it was from a year ago. Which I guess means that the guy posted it a year ago, but I didn't realize that until I'd already not only posted the post but sent a link to G+.

      So yeah, I feel like an idiot. But by the time I realized that I'd made a bonehead move, I didn't have time to fix it and still make my train in the morning.