Saturday, August 31, 2013

I am definitely NOT back... least not the way that I want to be.

Sally and my friend Ben and I ran this morning, and for as much as I want to feel like I'm running well--or at least better--this morning, it was rough.

6.5 miles at almost exactly a 9:00/mile pace.
I want to say that it was because it was really humid this morning or maybe that it's because my right ankle has been so sore lately, but the truth is that Sally and I ran last week, too, and that wasn't any better.  Like it or not, I'm just not running the way that I want to, and yeah, it's true that the ankle isn't helping, but that doesn't actually make me feel any better.

Well.  Earlier this week, my ankle was really sore, and that was after a mere five miles.  Today we put in more than six, and it actually feels better than it did before we went, so who knows?  Maybe that's progress.

Anyway, I need to get to where I can run three times per week comfortably and without feeling like I'm just a handful of steps away from having an injury.  I suppose that if today's run achieves that, then it'll be a positive step regardless of how I felt, but right now I just want to feel better.  I wanna feel like I'm running well.

Is that asking too much?


  1. sorry about this bud - have you done the normal rolling, triggerpoint type stuff? Does your ankle hurt on the outside? the good old peroneal tendon or the brevis perhaps.

    usually all that pain is started upstream toward the calf.

    Youre a smart guy you can figure this out.

    Nothing beats a trigger point massage man. nothing!!!

    1. This definitely feels like it started as a little calf strain, but it's migrated to the big tendons on either side of my shin bone that stabilize my ankle laterally. It's not so bad, but last week's little beach race over loose sand DEFINITELY made it worse, especially since the beach was slanted towards the water. So we were running for three miles on that slant. That was exactly what I did not need.

      Anyway, at some point there's little doubt that I'll have to just shut it down for six or eight weeks and let the thing calm down and actually heal, but the tri season's not quite over, and for the time being, I'm still trying to limp through and hope for the best. We'll see how it goes.