Monday, August 12, 2013

I Miss Vacation Already

You have to get away when you go on vacation because sometimes that's the only way to really escape the everyday stresses of your life.

I mean, yeah, it was a long drive home last night, but I swear, as soon as we walked in the door, my kids fell into a funk, and Sally and I started sniping at each other about meaningless bullshit.  Being stuck in the car all day probably had something to do with it, but even more, it was just about the fact that, hey, we're back, and oh look!  All the floors in the house need to be mopped, and some of the tomatoes that we left out on the counter exploded, and oh by the way, who's unloading the car, and how much did that vacation cost?

I took this picture of Sally out on our front deck yesterday morning before
we left.  Then I touched it up using Instagram, my new favorite toy.

It's meaningless to dwell on this stuff, and Sally and I didn't stay mad at each other long, but the whole episode just served as a kind of exclamation point.  This is real life.  Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.  Either way, it's never dull, and it's always a full-contact sport.  

The point of vacation was that we got away from that for awhile.

Now that we're back--and I have an actual network connection and the use of my chromebook again--I want to share a couple of the panoramic shots I took while we were up there.  It was cool to be able to blog from my phone while we were gone, but the Blogger app for iPhone isn't real great with pictures, and I didn't want to put these up until I could do it in a way that did them justice.  Of course, posting them here is probably going to mean that they're gonna wind up on postcards in some unscrupulous person's souvenir shop somewhere, but what are you gonna do?  You take pictures so that you can show them off and so that you can remember the cool stuff that you did.  Neither involves leaving your pictures in a cubbyhole somewhere where no one will see them.

To see all of these pictures in their full glory, just click on them.  You really need to do that to appreciate these things.

This was the view from the little dock at our cabin on Green lake.
I think my favorite day was the one where we hiked Cadillac Mtn.  We stopped
about a half-mile short of the summit, maybe 300' below the summit, and I took
a bunch of pictures.  This was one of my favorites.  You can see Bar Harbor
and the Porcupine Islands way down there.
This is the view from the summit of Cadillac Mtn.
So.  Now you've seen them.  Just realize, you unscrupulous people, that you do not have my permission to swaggerjack my pictures!  These pictures are mine, copyright Dan T. Head, 2013.  I'm just putting them here so's all my friends can look at them.

Well.  Hannah's downstairs now, and we're watching cartoons.  That's not a bad way to start the day.


I suppose real life does have it's charms.

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