Friday, August 9, 2013

Ice Cream, Mini-Golf, & a Laundromat

We had a less physically demanding day yesterday. We'd decided on Wednesday that we were gonna hang around the cabin and take it easy in the morning, and that's what we did.  Wound up being good timing for a day like that because we had our first day of rain yesterday, and yeah, it sucks that we had rain during our vacation, reality is that by yesterday, we were all pretty tired.  The situation cried out for a day of rest. 

Eventually we showered and had some of the world's ugliest pancakes, made by me of course, and then headed out--a little after noon. We stopped by our favorite little hippy Rock Art place, the girls got some souvenirs, and I took a few pics. 

For some reason, the tiny little Hindu Gods, $5 each, really spoke to me. 

After Rock Art, we dropped clothes at the local laundromat, went by Cadillac Mountain Sports and bought Hannah a new helmet and some new riding glasses, put our clothes in the drier, and then headed for Mount Desert Island and a round of Pirate Mini Golf. 

One thing about Pirate Mini-Golf--loser gets a free ice cream. 

We capped the day with a stop at the local winery and wine tasting. Surprisingly, Sally and I both really liked the Red Zinfandel they had, a spicy, full-bodied concoction made with thick-skinned grapes and somehow fermented with the grape skins still on!  Good stuff, that, but sadly, I didn't take any pictures there. 

We may well head up to Bangor today because its raining and foggy today, but I'm really not sure yet.  Guess we'll see. 

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