Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tennessee Titans vs. New York Jets Preview

Is it weird that the most interesting game of the season--at least for me personally--is a Jets game?  Who'd'a thunk it, right?

Official NFL Preview: NY Jets @ Tennessee Titans

So.  Jets at Titans today.  So far this season, I think the Titans have looked far better than it seems anyone could've belived they would before the season.  Today's Titans are getting between 3.5 and 4.5 points, depending on which line you're following, and what's more, it seems like folks are looking for them to cover the spread.

For what it's worth, I'm thinking that this game comes down mostly to how Tennessee's Offensive Line plays.  The Jets sacked Bills' quarterback EJ Manuel eight times, and they harried Tom Brady quite a bit, too.  Both QBs in this game are prone to the occasional bone-headed play, and while Jake Locker hasn't turned it over yet, his accuracy also hasn't been great thus far, and he's missed seeing open receivers more than once.  But I doubt the Titans get a lot with the ground game, so like it or not, the game's gonna be on Locker's shoulders.

Against that, Geno Smith is a rookie who's thrown some interceptions.  He may well throw some more today, meaning that, bottom line, whichever team scores on defense is probably going to win.  I'm hoping that turns out to be Tennessee, but you'll note that this in not one of the games I picked in my weekly picks pool at the office.

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