Thursday, September 26, 2013

This Week's Picks (NFL Week 4)

I don't know who's following this, but if you're interested, then so far, so good.  Last week, I took the Giants (Even), Lions (+1), Bears (-1.5), and although the Giants failed in magnificent fashion, I still came out 2-1 with the help of those other teams, and that let me take a two-game lead over the other guys in my office. Winning is better than losing, of course, so...  Huzzah!

So here're this week's picks:

Chicago Bears (+2.5) at Detroit Lions. 
Frankly, I can't believe this line. The Bears are good while the Lions are talented but undisciplined. I like the Lions, but against the good teams, they always seem to fold. And anyway, the Lions are okay, but they're not great or anything.  They almost lost to the Redskins, after all. 

You ask me, the Bears win this one in a rout. 

New England Patriots (+1) at Atlanta Falcons. 
New England is undefeated and gaining steam with a team full of young talent.  They stared out rough but seem to be getting better. Meanwhile, the Falcons have mega injury issues and haven't yet looked like the team we expected to see pre-season. 

I don't love this pick, but I'm taking the Patriots and the one point they're getting. They always seem to find a way this season. 

Seattle Seahawks (-2.5) at Houston Texans. 
I don't think the Texans are all that good this year, and I think the Seahawks are the best team in football. Plus, the Seahawks handed the 49ers their ass. I think they're gonna do the same to Houston.  This game isn't gonna be like when the Texans played the Chargers or the Titans. The Seahawks won't beat themselves, and they have a better defense than the Ravens do, and the Ravens handed. Houston their ass. 

Bottom line, I predict pain here even though the Texans are at home this week. 

And that's what I've got. What do you think?

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