Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moral Dilemma

Woman comes up to me on the platform while I'm waiting for the train and asks to use my phone. She's well-dressed but I still say, "No". Not because I want to be a jerk but because if she takes off running, I'm the one who will wind up being arrested, plus I'll definitely miss my train if that happens. And yeah, that probably wouldn't happen, but it's New York, so it certainly could. Also, yes, my phone is password protected, but she doesn't know that, and in any event, iPhones get stolen every day. 

But now I feel like a jerk. 

Question: Was I wrong?


  1. First off, you're not wrong for saying No. That's your right. It's your phone.

    Second, you don't know what she needs it for. Sure, there could be a good reason like being late to work, but what if she's calling out of country? Sending a text to someone undesirable who now has your phone, or testing your usage limit by reading the latest Dan Brown book.

    I could see the case being made if you were sitting next to her, already on the train. Maybe then. Or if she was hot. XD

    If you feel like a jerk, then she should feel like an idiot for not having a properly functioning phone on her.

  2. Thanks Alan. My wife said basically the same thing.

    My fear was that if she took off running, I was gonna have to chase her down,and while I'm sure I could have, it would have been an awkward scene in the extreme. Probably would've taken half an hour to sort it out, and even then, you risk an Assault charge in a situation like that. Not something I need. Not to mention that it would have definitely caused me to miss my train.