Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Should Have Written This Morning

The girls are at a local Girl Scout camp right now, having had their first sleepover last night. The house is actually quiet right now--for once--because I have the place all to myself.  But instead of working, I'm sitting here reading comics and soaking up some down time.

True story: I spent $79 at the comic shop yesterday.  Hadn't been in a month, and my Pull List was two issues deep for several of the titles I'm reading.

I ask you, who can write when they've got four issues of Infinity and two issues of The Superior Spider-Man to catch up on?  Certainly not me. The temptation to just sign here and act like a lump has been entirely too great.


  1. Yikes! I dropped half that yesterday, and was only able to accomplish that because I've stopped trying to read everything that interests me. That can get horribly expensive!

    1. Well, it was at least three weeks' worth of comics, so a lot of it was stuff that came out a while ago, but... Yeah, my Pull List has gotten pretty long. I'll be happy when Infinity and Battle of the Atom end. I don't usually do events, bu both of those have entertained.