Saturday, December 14, 2013

Go Army, Beat Navy!

The game is today at 3:00pm.  Navy is favored by eleven, but this year's Army team has been very good in spots.  I have hope--perhaps irrational.  

The girls and I are going over to watch the game at one of my classmate's houses, and well, regardless of how the game itself comes out, I at least have high hopes for the beer and commradery that'll be shared.

Anyway, guys have been sharing Army spirit videos all week on Facebook.  A couple were instant classics.  God knows when this first one is from, but I remember seeing it as a cadet.  I also thought I saw a shot of one of my old roommates in there, but who knows?  I jumps pretty fast.  And there are definitely parts in here that're older than I am.

I like this next one just because it shows the real Army.  A couple of great lines in there, too.

I remember this next one.  It's from back when Army football used to beat Navy routinely and held what I thought at the time was a commanding lead in the series.

The fall of 1994 doesn't seem like all that long ago to me, but I suppose it was.  That was my Firstie year!

And... that's the Academy that I remember.  That's what it looked like, anyway.

Finally, the 2nd ID video, from Korea!

No Camp Garryowen, unfortunately.  Guess they must've closed that place.

That 2ID headquarters building sure looks nice, though.  I don't think I've ever even been in it before!  Been to Camp Humpries a bunch of times.  Ha!

Too bad they skipped Tongduchon and the Hill.  That's the Korea that I remember.


Finally, I remember the Army-Navy game as being a freezing cold experience, especially since I nearly always had to attend with a shaved head--because the Army-Navy swim meet is the day prior--and you watch the game without your hat.  We could've driven to Philly, and it was at least a little tempting because quite a few of my friends will be there, but...  If I'm being honest, I'm looking forward to watching the game in the heated comfort of my buddy's den.

Enjoy the game.  
Go Army, Beat Navy!

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