Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rush, at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

The Foo Fighters are great on this intro, and then they blast into Tom Sawyer and Spirit of Radio.  I might've wished for Mission and Working Man, but there's no denying that these songs were their greatest hits, so I suppose that's okay.

Anyway, the video is 13 minutes long, and I wound up standing there transfixed for every second of it.

This one's also well worth your time.  It's the closing jam, on the song Crossroads.

Finally, here's their acceptance speech.


  1. I watched about 5 minutes of the first video. I remember my brother going to see Rush in the early 80's (I guess!). I remember the "Tom Sawyer" song. :D Nice flash back. I'll work on sending a link to my brother. The techie I am not.

    1. Use the "Share" button, and "Share by email". I think you can handle it.