Thursday, February 27, 2014


Meant to put this up yesterday, but the day itself was such a zoo that I never had a chance.

Among other things, my daughter Hannah has her first book report due at the end of the week, including an oral presentation.  At the same time, she's also got try-outs for the school play, which is a big deal when you've been taking voice lessons for two years.  So we've been dealing with an important life lesson this week, i.e. procrastination is bad.  However, we've had to handle it with kid-gloves because I don't want to risk wrecking Hannah's emotional state right before she has to perform; that won't accomplish anything positive.

The one good thing that happened yesterday was that I got out for a run at lunchtime.  Four miles in almost exactly thirty-one minutes, for a 7:40/mile average.  That is way faster than I probably needed to run, but like I said, this hasn't been the easiest week.  At a certain point, you have to balance the spiritual with the physical, and I tipped the balance in favor of fixing my soul.

Anyway, this is why I'm more than ready to see Godzilla wreck the City.

Kind'a has a Planet of the Apes vibe, no?  Like, "You idiots!  You blew it all up!"

I'm looking forward to this one.  Hopefully it'll do a little better with the critics than the new Robocop did.

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