Saturday, March 22, 2014

Heard on Twitter

Here's what caught my eye this morning:
I couldn't agree more.

That one strikes me as bullshit.  Russia has huge oil and gas reserves that the West badly needs.  Syria has a lot of sand and high unemployment.  Bottom line, the U.S. can afford to drop bombs on one but not the other.

I'll endorse The Winter Soldier.  If you haven't read it, the book was written by crime-fiction novelist Ed Brubaker, and it's fantastic.  The follow-up, The Death of Captain America, is also really, really good.

When Marvel decided to kill Cap off a few years ago, I thought it was a terrible idea.  But the book itself is terrific, and to be honest, that year that Captain America was dead was one of my all-time favorites at Marvel.


  1. See, for me, when they killed Cap that was just one more reason to stop reading. I knew that they weren't going to leave him dead. I just get fed up with the killing so-and-so in order to boost sales.

    That's why I started reading The Boys, where everyone dies and no one's expected to make it out alive.

  2. From a corporate standpoint, I would agree with that. The death of Captain America in particular struck me as a cheap corporate trick to goose sales. It's also true that Indy comics have a certain appeal because their characters aren't "properties"; they can die without it impacting some overall corporate strategy.

    With that said, the actual execution of the Death of Captain America and the ensuing year he spent dead both in his own title and in the New Avengers was excellent. Definitely don't knock those books until you've read them. Likewise, the Superior Spider-Man storyline has also been very good, for all that it was also handled--at a corporate level--like a cheap sales ploy.