Saturday, June 28, 2014

Saturday Reading Room

Good morning!  Happy Saturday!

The girls got back from a friend's beachhouse last night, and everyone's tuckered.  I'm heading out in about an hour to ride and swim, but in the meantime, let's spin through this morning's news.


Sally and I talked about trying to buy a foreclosed house in our neighborhood as a rental property, but we were surprised to find out how difficult it was.  Most of the houses never officially hit the market.  For example, one house that foreclosed down the street was sold in a cash sale privately before notifications even went out in order to prevent that super-low sale price from affecting local property values.  That's good for us, I suppose, at least in the long-term, but in the short-term, it derailed our plan to become slum-lords.

The housing "crisis" reduced house prices at the retail level, but at least locally, you couldn't actually make out like a bandit unless you knew the right people and had quite a lot of cash on hand.  This is why the above article is about hedge funds rather than regular people.


That map is amazing.



Holy shit!
Eh.  There's not much more that's worth talking about.

Have a good weekend!

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