Sunday, June 8, 2014


They forgot to make an announcement before the show to have folks put their phones into airplane mode, and as a result the sound was off in the first half of the show.  Hannah's gets drowned out a little by the music towards the end of the number, and we can't hear the policeman at all.  It was worse for some kids than others, and Hannah was fine for most of it, but it was much better in the second half--after they made the announcement.

But then they blew out the stage lights!

The kids trouped through it in impressive fashion, but Sally's itching to get backstage again and close out the run in better fashion.  In the meantime, the kids learned a lesson about resiliency, and they put on a terrific show.

For Hannah, this whole thing has been a mountaintop experience.  I told her, "Some days, it's like you can reach up and touch God.  You're that high off the ground.  But every day isn't the mountaintop.  You have to hold on to those moments for when you're stuck in the tough times."  She knew exactly what I was talking about.

I've had maybe a half-dozen mountaintop experiences in my life, and I consider myself lucky to have had that many.  The day I made my AAAA-time as a high school freshman, that 200 fly at Navy my plebe year, the day we graduated from West Point, the day Hannah was born...

Every day is not the mountaintop.  But some days are.  You have to hold on to those.

Some pictures from the play:

Seeing this set of cast photos was a surreal experience.
Hannah's right in the center with what can only be described as
a glamour shot.
Opening scene: Annie & the Orphans.  
Annie and Molly via Instagram.
The girl who played Molly was great!
Annie and the staff at Warbucks's house.  The kid who played
Drake the butler stole the show.
Daddy Warbucks, Grace, and Annie
Warbucks singing.  Hannah and Christian have been taking
voice lessons together for months.

After the stage lights went out.  Here Annie is
contemplating finding her real parents and having to
leave Warbucks.


  1. It is.

    But she crushed it this afternoon. She was terrific! And that's the one they recorded.