Monday, July 7, 2014

Gently Used Bicycle Seats?

I busted the seat on my foldie on Thursday--the third time that's happened in the last three and a half years. So I walked over to the bike shop across from my office and asked for "the cheapest saddle you've got that's not a giant old-lady seat."  Not that I have anything against giant monster-saddles, but the foldie is already heavy enough without adding even more weight, and my commute is short enough that I hardly need all that padding.

Dude takes me over to a bin where they've got maybe a dozen gently-used saddles just laying there. Tells me I can have one for $30. That's $5 less than the one I've got in my hand, and at this point in thinking I outta start buying in bulk.

My new saddle came off a Giant TCR. I guess somebody bought a new TCR recently and added a $200 saddle to the $3K bike, peddles, etc.  Personally, I'm just hoping the thing lasts me longer than a year this time. 

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