Saturday, July 26, 2014

Heard This Morning Before My Run

Me: Do you think I can run without a shirt this morning.

Sally: No.

Me: Too fat or too old?

Sally: Both.

Me: *sigh*  That's what I thought

Route map and mile splits for this morning's run
Probably the most interesting thing about this particular run is that I started doing fartlek intervals at about the 3-mile mark in order to try to break up the monotony a little.  I did:

 - 10 x 1:00 intervals (85% effort, ~2 mile pace); 1:00 rest between intervals

If you look at the pace chart, you can see that brought my average split down by about :10/mile.  I don't know that it changed the overall effort too much, but it did help keep me focused, and that counts for something.

It's been kind of a lazy Saturday for once, but I think it's done me some good.  I still need to hit the pool at some point this weekend, but I'll probably do that tomorrow.

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