Sunday, October 26, 2014

Family Pics: The American Museum of Natural History

After the race yesterday, Sally and I took the kids to the American Museum of Natural History.

I'm not sure exactly what role Theodore Roosevelt had in the museum's creation, but he has his own rotunda inside, as well as Theodore Roosevelt Park immediately outside, and what has to be the nation's single greatest equestrian statue at the museum's front.

An equestrian statue with two Native Americans accompanying.  Wow.

If the measure of a man is that they don't just put up a statue for him, they put up an equestrian statue, then TR went to the next level.  It fits the man, I suppose.

This statue is outside the Children's Museum, which is next
to the American Museum of Natural History. 
Emma and Sally and a rock from space.
They also had an interesting exhibit on Space Weather, but I
couldn't get the kids interested in Ground Induced Currents (GIC)
caused by solar flares.
I think this is a T-Rex, but it might also have been an
Allosaurus.  Anyway, it was cool. 
Some kind of raptor poised over the bones of prey.
They had a lot of cool alligators and turtles in the next room over.
This one was some kind of prehistoric alligator.
It's not every day you see a 15-foot turtle hanging from the ceiling.
Another very cool turtle.
Emma and I both stared at this prehistoric frog-monster
for several minutes.
My girls.
My buddy joked on Facebook that I needed to have this made into a
bicycle helmet.
I thought this was a saber-toothed tiger,
but it's actually some kind of ancient bear. 
Batgirl-Hannah and a triceratops.
Yeah, they had face-painting at the race yesterday.
The girls and a rhino.  We took this picture in a pitch-black room.
Go elephants!
If you're windering, the race went well.  I'll write up a race report tomorrow on the way into work.

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