Thursday, November 6, 2014

Operations Order: Getting the Band Back Together

I. Situation
   A. Enemy Forces: The University of Connecticut is having a down year, and at this time it is unknown how strongly Connecticut partisans will be operating in the area.  Most enemy presence is expected on the train, going to and from New York City.  UConn’s football team is currently 2-6, but they are coming off of a win against Central Florida.  It is expected that they will play well in front of the Yankee Stadium crowd.

B. Friendly Forces: Army is looking to salvage its season and generate some kind of following in the greater New York Area.  Since the Army team is not playing in a bowl game, this game against UConn represents its best shot at generating interest on a regional level. The Army-Navy game is a bigger game nationally, but this game is regionally important for recruiting and ticket sales.  Several of my classmates ought to be in attendance for this game.  One of them is leading the parachute squad in its jump into Yankee Stadium. 
   C. Terrain and Weather: The weather is expected to be sunny with a high around 50 degrees.  All things considered, this is about as good as it gets for this time of year.
II. Mission
   Operations Analysis Group (OAG) and its alumni deploy to Yankee Stadium on 11/8/14 no later than 1500 hrs in order to support the Army team and celebrate success.
III. Execution
   A. Commander’s Intent: This mission is meant to “get the band back together” to celebrate the fact that we all really enjoyed working together.  The most important thing, then, is to have fun.  At the end of the day, everyone should leave the stadium happy despite the fact that Army is almost certainly going to get pummeled.
   B. Concept of Operations:
1.  We will meet at Reichenbach Hall at 1230 hrs on Saturday, November 8th.  The Hall was Henry’s suggestion; it is a German beer house.
5 West 37th Street
          (between Avenue Of The Americas & 5th Ave)
New York, New York NY
2.  We will partake of German beer and discuss further plans, issuing instructions by fragmentary order (FRAGO) as necessary.
3.  Since the parachute team is scheduled to jump into Yankee Stadium, we will try to be in our seats at approximately 1500.  Per Henry, Yankee Stadium is about a 45 minutes subway ride from Midtown, so we will leave for the game at approximately 1415 hrs.  This gives us a bit less than two hours of pre-game activities downtown.
4.  Kick-off is at 1530.  The game will probably be over NLT 1830 hrs.
   C.  Coordinating Instruction: These tickets were $63.50.  If you would like to pay me back for them, I will certainly take your money.
IV. Service Support
   A. Supply
1. Rations: Initially at Reichenback Hall.  On call at the Stadium as necessary.
2. Uniform and Equipment: Army’s colors are black, grey, and gold.  Spirit wear is up to individuals.
3. Tickets: I have the tickets.  I will give them to you on Saturday.
B. Transportation: Subway and Metro-North
   C. Med-Evac: Won’t be necessary, God willing.
   D.  Personnel: Henry says he has to leave at halftime due to another engagement.  Truthfully, the game will most likely not be in doubt at that point.
   E. Prisoners-of-War: I don’t expect we’ll take any.
V.  Command and Signal
   A. Signal: via Cell Phone.  My number is (redacted).
   B.  Command: If I am captured, every man is to make his way home on his own as best he can.

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