Thursday, December 18, 2014

D&D 5e: Swordmage and Artificer?

I'm thinking of homebrewing Swordmage and Artificer classes.  There are a couple of reasons:
First, it doesn't look like WotC is going to put out an Artificer class anytime soon, and I'd like to have one.  Also, "5e Swordmage" is one of the most searched-for terms on my blog, so clearly there's interest.  Finally, we discussed various incarnations of the "Engineer" class idea during the Playtest.  Artificer and Swordmage both address some of these same concepts, and both deserve some further discussion now that the PHB and DM's Guide are out.  This may well be true for the "Engineer" as well. 

I'm comfortable with the Swordmage; I played those a lot in 4e.  But whay are the core concepts we need for an Artificer?  Is an Artificer a kind of Wizard or a wholly new class?

Thanks in advance.

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