Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family Game Night: Dungeons & Dragons

Five kids, two adults, one Dungeon Master (me).
We had fun.  There were lots of mutants.
My "homemade" present to my girls this year was the done-in-one D&D campaign, "The Mystery of Malvern Manor."  We played with our friends, the Howlips, a total of seven players!  Five kids, fourth to sixth grade, and two adults, only one of whom had previous D&D experience.  This was a serious challenge!

It went really, really well.  My favorite thing about the new edition of D&D is that it's really easy to pick it up, especially when you start at the early levels.  You can run a basic game, get people involved, and gradually introduce new gaming elements once they have the general concepts.  Last night saw the debut of Sneakatara Boatman as a warlock of LokiEmma's new character concept, Victoria, drow paladin of Hades, and a ton of mutant goblinoid-octopus monsters.  

Good stuff!

We went hiking today up at Sleeping Giant State Park.  That was fun, too, but in a totally different way.

Obligatory selfie, channeling my inner J.J. Abrams.
Family shot on a hill overlooking Quinnapiac University.

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