Saturday, March 21, 2015

News & Notes: Trolling Twitter


I'm reprinting this one because they linked through to yesterday's 5 Things, which had a piece about Lance Armstrong.  

It took me awhile to find the specific link.  It's here if you want to see it.  Seems a little out of place in a triathlon daily, though.


Fascinating.  It strikes me as an expensive way to generate a few megawatts of power, but if it proves the concept, they can probably bring the costs down in time.


It's true.  Americans want to hear and read about things that they already know.  It's why people read reviews of TV shows and movies that they've already seen--I write these constantly for this reason, and it annoys me that they continually get better readership numbers than the obscure but more considered stuff that I'd prefer covering--and why they only want to watch news from channels that agree with their extant points of view.  The whole thing drives me bananas.

"[S]ome American conversations resemble a succession of monologues. A 2014 study led by a psychologist at Yeshiva University found that when researchers crossed two unrelated instant-message conversations, as many as 42 percent of participants didn’t notice."

L'ouch!  I feel stupider now just because I know that's true.



"A group billing themselves as “former staffers and campaign veterans” launched Draft Joe Biden on Thursday night along with, a website for organizing volunteers and a petition urging Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. to jump in to the 2016 race.

Mr. Biden has hinted that he’s considering another run for president, but his poll numbers have been weak and he does not appear to be making the usual pre-campaign moves."

The funny thing is that Biden is probably a really smart guy who's just not good at speaking off the cuff.  Or maybe he is good at it--by any normal standard--but he gets too comfortable and forgets that people are out to get him now.  Regardless, he comes across as this gaff-prone dumbass, and I strongly doubt that's an at all reasonable representation.  Presidents George H.W. Bush and Dwight D. Eisenhower both had similar reputations, but history has been more than kind to their tenures in the White House.

The following, from RunBidenRun.Com, does not exactly inspire:

"Why Biden? Quite simply, WHY NOT BIDEN?"

Sheesh.  If that's the logic we're using, then I'd like to nominate my dog Faith.  Why Faith?  Well, why the Hell not?  We've never had a dog as president, and my dog is very fluffy and fun to be around.  She's a calming influence in my house, and that makes it easier to raise my kids.


Have a good weekend!

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