Monday, March 9, 2015

Tri Training Log: 3/2 to 3/8 (Snow Week 2)

This was the second week in a row that we've had nearly apocalyptic levels of snow fall mid-week.  It makes it tough to train.  I managed to get into the water twice, and both of those were decent swims, but I can't say much else for this week.

Tuesday's swim workout was the best workout of the week.  Considering that I only put in three workouts this week, that's not necessarily saying a lot, but...  I still felt like I swam really well.  The workout itself was very simple:

 -- 5 x 100 warm-up @ 1:30
 -- 20 x 100 tempo @ 1:25
 -- 50 warm-down

I started the main set by myself, but my buddy Ben showed up after I'd gotten through five intervals, and from there we slowly picked up the pace.  In total, I swam 2550 yards in less than 38 minutes, including breaks between sets.  My last 100 was 1:12.

That's not bad.

We met Saturday for our second swim of the week, and it was a longer, slower effort.

Warm Up
-- 200 SKIPS*

Main Set
 -- 1 x 400 @ 5:40
 -- 2 x 300 @ 4:15
 -- 3 x 200 @ 2:55
 -- 4 x 100 @ 1:25

 -- 50 easy
 -- 200 IM
 -- 50 warm-down

I don't think I swam particularly well Saturday morning, but I did swim, and that has to count for something.

Swimming Total (2550, 3300); 58.5 pts

*SKIPS: Swim / Kick / Individual Medley / Pull / Swim.  200 SKIPS is 1000 yards.

Nope.  Still too much snow on the ground.

I kept thinking I was going to run mid-week, but I skipped the opportunity Monday, and after that it either rained, snowed, or did both--all week long.  I finally managed to get out Sunday for a relatively long, slow run down by Russian Beach.  The place is still covered with snow, but temperatures were in the mid-40s, and despite a bit of wind, I decided to run in shorts.  That probably wasn't smart, but it felt good to get a little sun on my legs.

This is down by where I parked, looking back towards Russian Beach.
I actually ran in a baseball cap, but I put the beanie cap on once I finished,
so I could take some pictures. 
I wound up going 5.2-miles in just over 48-minutes.  According to my watch, that was an average of right at 9:15/mile, which isn't bad considering that I wore my heart rate monitor and never let my pulse get above 140 bpm.  Someone who's more conscientious about this stuff could tell you what zone that put me in.  My goal was simply to put some miles on my legs without pushing it.  

Despite a sporadic training regime, my low, slow runs have been steadily improving this offseason.  That's a good thing.

Running Total: 1 x run (5.2); 20.8 pts

Triathlong Training Total: 79.3 pts

That's not a killer week, but I'll take it.

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