Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday News & Notes: The "Quiet" Professionals

It'll be a sad day for cycling if Phillipe Gibert retires.  Granted, the guy has to do what his body's telling him, but I like watching him ride.


I'd like to check this out, though maybe not on opening day.  I never got to go up to Windows on the World, though I really wanted to.  Unfortunately, I'd only been in town a month when the attacks happened.

Sad day.


Interesting election going on in Britain right now, which probably presages some of the fight we're looking forward to here in America as well.  There's broad-based consensus on the need to get the budget under control in Britain--their current budget deficit is about 5% of GDP, which is high but not colossally high.  However, the devil is always in the details, and that's true here.

From the article:

"[T]he biggest difference between Labour and the Tories is that the latter want an overall surplus—including investment spending—by 2019-20. That will require cuts to government departments of roughly equal size to those already made. By contrast, on today’s investment plans Labour could borrow £30 billion more than the Tories by 2019-20. That is a huge sum, equivalent to roughly a quarter of the entire NHS budget. Labour would not need to spend the cash on new investment; the leeway could be used to soften cuts to day-to-day spending."

The Tory/Liberal coalition has been in power for quite some time.  I'm expecting Labour to make a comeback.



Does he take them on training rides?  As my kids have gotten older, it's gotten a little easier to sneak out of the house to ride or swim, but it's getting harder to plan actual races.

It's also very hard to justify the time investment of racing.  After a lifetime of competition, it feels like a waste to spend a perfectly good weekend worrying about all the crap that racing involves just to get one more medal.  There's a whole big world out there, and I feel like I'll miss seeing half of it with my kids if I'm always in the water or on the bike.

This is sad in a way.  But it also feels a little like I'm finally growing up.


Ahh... there's the Twitter I know and love.

You know what?  I think I'm done here.

Enjoy your Saturday. 

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