Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekend Update

After a couple of lackluster weeks, I finally felt like a triathlete again this week. Sally and the girls took me to the Adventure Park in Bridgeport for my birthday, and that was great, but it came in the same week I'd gone heavy in the gym, focusing on my back and biceps, and I've been struggling with tendinitis ever since.  I couldn't swim, and I couldn't lift, and since I've been struggling with knee problems, I also couldn't run. That left me with cycling and beer, and yeah, I like both things, but it's hard to hold form with just that.

We rode thirty-five this weekend, and I swam three times. My elbows have been sore, but I'm dealing with it, and that's worth quite a bit. In total, I rode seventy-five miles and swam a bit more than 4000 yards. I felt good on bike, and Sunday I even felt reasonably good in the water, if a little sore afterwards. It makes me optimistic that maybe I'll be back to my old self by mid-summer. 

I also -- finally -- have an idea about how to build the new Sneax & Elaina Emboo story. I've wanted to focus the next story on Elaina for some months, but at some point I lost focus on that, and it's made progress difficult. It's hard to work in a story that you just know has started in the wrong direction. 

I think I've got that fixed now, but we'll see. 

How was your weekend?

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