Sunday, July 5, 2015

This Week on the Blog

Here's what's coming up on the blog this week:

Monday - Plyoga and Triathlon Training
My wife is the first Plyoga Fitness instructor in the state of Connecticut, and I finally took my first class with her.  We'll talk about that Monday and maybe talk a little about how it fits into my triathlon training schedule in general.

Plyoga Fitness
Tuesday - D&D: 13 Things I'd Like to See from 5e (Part 1)
An update of a series of posts I ran back in December 2013, before D&D's 5th Edition formally launched.  With a little time under the new system, I'd like to talk about ways in which I'd like to see it expand.  This will be the first of three-part series running every Tuesday.

Wednesday - Army Football Preview: Pondering the Imponderables
In which we talk about the questions that the team needs to answer heading into its summer training camp.

Friday: 5 Things on a Friday
What will be this week's five things?  As of this writing, I have no idea.

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