Tuesday, August 4, 2015

D&D: The Fall of Cahokiantep

As promised, here is “The Fall of Cahokiantep.”  For those keeping score, this is my fifth short role-playing adventure, though it’s the first one that’s not set in some kind of fantasy version of Bar Harbor, Maine.  Instead, Cahokiantep is modeled on Savannah, Georgia, where I was stationed as a young lieutenant in the 3rd Infantry Division.
The purpose of this adventure is twofold.  It introduces Cahokiantep as a potential location for future content—either Sketch in My Notebook-style stories or else future RPG content—and it provides a bridge from a traditional swords-and-horses style campaign to a plane-hopping campaign that incorporate elements inspired by science fiction.  I wrote this piece specifically because the stuff I’ve done on Spelljammer lately has been super-popular, but it doesn’t seem like Wizards is doing much with the setting these days.  I’m hoping that leaves a little room in the market for Cahokiantep, but we’ll see how that goes.  If this adventure is well received, I have a sequel in mind, tentatively titled “Cahokiantep: Journey to the End of the Universe”.
Amine Discovered with the Goule.
If you read last week's post, you already
know that this piece contains some ghouls.
I’ve written this adventure in the style of Dungeons and Dragons’ 5th Edition because that’s what I play.  However, I doubt you’ll have much trouble adapting it to other systems, especially since there is exactly one monster stat block given in the entire write up.  It may take a little creativity to adapt the skill DCs to Pathfinder (or Fate or whatever), but I’m quite sure that it’s possible.  You just need a bit of patience.  If anybody out there does that, let me know how it goes, okay?

The Empire of Aquarius is having a holiday.  The great Planetary Alignment has come at last, and in response, the Emperor declared a feast day.  In the capital city of Cahokiantep, people are out in the streets laughing and drinking.  It’s a glorious time.  
Then the Event happens.  A rift opens in the fabric of reality, setting the sky on fire and unleashing a horde of monsters from beyond the stars.  Madness grips the city.
Though the party is safely underground at the time of the Event, they must fight their way free and emerge into the dying city.  They learn eventually of the Ars Arcanum and of the Cosmo Reconduction Device, Cahokiantep’s last, best hope to set things right.  To get to the device, however, the heroes will have to fight their way through streets filled with rift-maddened citizens, bizarre monsters from beyond reality, and piratical lizardmen descending from a flying pirate ship.  
The city of Cahokiantep will never be the same!
I got the basic idea for Salazaar Il Park's superpowers from a blog post by The Angry DM titled, "The Volcano Dragon: Some July Fourth Fireworks!"  In general, I think Angry's paragon monsters concept is really, really cool.

Samuel Wilton gave me quite a bit of constructive feedback on an early draft of this adventure.  Among other things, he helped me refine that basic idea for Park into an actual working solo monster and talked a bit about how his high-level group has tackled similar problems.  His comments were supremely helpful.

Charles Akins read this thing and said that he liked it.  If there's anything wrong with this draft, I'm pretty sure you can blame him.  Feel free to tell him that I said so.

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  1. I'm DM'ing this adventure currently (though I've changed Cahokiantep to incorporate another city in the players' Campaign) - and the players are loving it (I think !). The players have just completed Scene 5 - and we're about to start Scene 6 which will lead, of course, into Scene 7. Have you created the second installment ? If not, I'll just have Xavier Melton show up before it gets too far into the astral rift situation and tell the players to get out of the city as quickly as possible ! At which point, the city will disappear into the Astral rift. But if you're well into the second installment OR if you have some recommendations of adventures on the Astral Plane, I could suck the adventuring party into the rift...!

    1. I decided to answer with a whole blog post because I didn't have anything else scheduled to run today.


      Thanks for the question! Glad you guys are enjoying Cahokiantep.