Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Last Night's Weight Workout

Hannah and I hit the gym last night for a quick weight workout. And I do mean quick. I got home a little late last night, so we had to really keep this short. 

If you're wondering, Hannah is twelve. We therefore do almost all of our work on a low-weight, high-rep basis (well, she does, anyway), because we first and foremost want to promote ligament strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. She also takes gymnastics and dance, so a lot of the movement she does with me, she also does at those other places, especially lower body. I therefore focus our time on upper body work, mixing in core and lower body for balance and overall athleticism.

- 5 x Spider-Man with Rotation
- 10 x Squats (body weight)
- 25 x Jumping Jacks
- General Stretching

Main Sets:
- 3 x (Standing Dumbbell Rows / Reverse Crunches)
- 4 x (Pull-ups with weight assist / Push-Ups)
- 3 x (Curls / Fwd Lunges with Dumbbells)

Hannah cut the last set down to save time and because she felt a twinge in her right quad. She's got gymnastics tonight, and I know they're going to do Forward Lunges, so I had her stretch while I kept working. 

The twinge went away before we left, but we'll keep an eye on it tonight. 

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