Monday, January 11, 2016

Training Log: 1/4 to 1/10 (Week 2)

This was not an easy week.  We went from having beautiful, spring-like weather to the full-on heart-of-winter.  I kicked off the week with a bike commute in eleven-degree weather, and I'm not sure I ever fully recovered.  That made it hard to keep up with my training over the course of the week, and it left me exhausted, both physically and emotionally.
Swim, Bike, Run
It warmed over the course of the week, and the weekend has been actively nice, but it's been tough to get back on my schedule.  I wound up cramming almost the entire week's training into just Saturday and Sunday.  That's hardly ideal, but at least I got it done.

I swam Saturday and Sunday.  Neither was particularly easy.  I lifted first with my daughter Hannah on Saturday, and Sunday was just a tough day in the water.  Like I said, at least I got it done.

5 x 100 warm-up @ 1:30
200 kick

5 x 200 @ 2:55 (aerobic pace)

100 kick
3 x 100 @ 1:30 (tempo)
100 easy warm down

3 x 200 warm-up (no interval)
200 kick
2 x 50 @ :20 rest (breathing every 3rd)

500 swim (tempo)
500 pull (tempo)
100 easy warm down

Swimming Total: 2 x swims (2200, 2000); 42 pts

I rode my regular bike commute all five days this week.  That wouldn't have been a big deal if it hadn't been below 25-degrees most of the week.  As it was, I found myself dreading it.

Ugh.  That is not the way I want to feel on the bike.

Cycling Total: 5 x bike commute (53.5 miles); 53.5 pts

I'd planned to run Friday, when it was a little warmer.  But while I thought I had clothes at the office, it turns out that I only had shorts, a shirt, and an old painter's cap.  That wasn't going to get me safely through a lunchtime run in 40-degree weather.

I wound up running a bit with my daughter to warm up before our weights on Saturday and then again afterwards, and then I hit the treadmill again afterwards before getting in the pool.  I put in 2.5-miles with a couple of up-tempo quarter-mile intervals to spice things up.

My goal is to swim twice, run twice, and lift twice per week.  I did that, but the running wasn't much more than the bare minimum, and it was unfortunate that I had to run twice back-to-back.

Running Total: 2 x treadmill runs (2, 2.5); 18 pts

Aerobic Total: 113.5 points

We lifted chest and abs Tuesday night.  That was good.  We kept it short, but Hannah looks really good in the weight room.  Saturday was a longer, more intense workout.  We started with a pull-up/push-up set, and she rocked it.  After that, we did dumbbell rows.  Again, she looked really good.  It wasn't necessarily an ideal set-up for my follow-on swim, but it was good work overall.

So that was my week.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't easy.  That's how life is sometimes.

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