Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Starters: Glorious Victory & Football Notes...

This game was glorious.  It started at 4:30, and I followed the first three quarters on Twitter via  @ArmyWP_MLax.  The Black Knights went up by two early and held the Mids scoreless through the first half.

I got home just as the fourth quarter started.  What had been a close game with a narrow Army lead quickly turned into a route.

Which is great.   Army advances to the Patriot League Tournament Finals and may well get a berth in the NCAA tournament, though I really haven't been following closely enough to know for sure.

Still, though, that star is important.  I won my event at Navy three times and in fact never lost an individual race to a Navy swimmer, but I don't have a star, and as I told my wife yesterday, it's the biggest hole on my resume.  It drives me crazy, even still.


I liked the Giants' first pick.  Eli Apple is a 6'1" cornerback with 4.3 speed who plays well in man-coverage.  That's a phenomenally rare combination.  Bottom line, he's the kind of athlete you can pretty much only find in the first round of the NFL Draft.  I get why they drafted him.

I don't really understand the rest, though.  They took a Safety in the first round last year, and then they take a Safety in the third this year.  Meanwhile, the actual Victor Cruz is coming back from injury this year, and sure, we don't know if he'll be his old self or not, but to take a "young" Victor Cruz on a team that first and foremost needs pass rushers is kind a head-scratcher.

I'm sure Shepard can play, and maybe all of this will work itself out in another 2-3 years.  However, the Giants need to field a team now, and they flat do not have the kind of defensive line to keep themselves competitive.

JPP by himself with only one hand?  That is not the answer.

EDIT: Draftniks saw this a little differently than I did.

Regardless, it could be worse.  We could be the Jets.

Talk about head-scratchers.  Hackenberg almost blew it against Army in his own building just last year!


We're heading out in a little while.  See you there...

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