Monday, August 22, 2016

A Wedding in New Hampshire

We're on vacation this week.  Alas, we're not in Maine this year, but we drove up to the New Hampshire coast for Sally's cousin's wedding.  It was a glorious beachside ceremony, followed by a very enjoyable reception down at a local yacht club.

But hey, you came for the pictures, no?

We saw this house on the way in.  I was fascinated to sea actual seawater
in this dude's backyard.
This sign was at the pub after lunch.
The Seascape in is a motel, alas.  It's cute, though.
Sally & the girls walking along the seawall with the beach below.

Obligatory selfie.
My lady, when we stopped for beer.
My favorite parking lot--ever.
Uniform: As for Beach Wedding...
Pre-wedding selfie.
This was a gorgeous ceremony 
Marital bliss.
My ladies...
The yacht club where they held the reception.
I really liked this place.

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