Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reading Twitter: Thursday News & Notes

Eh.  Empty acreage doesn't vote.  65% of the country lives in those tiny blue spaces.  There are a lot of reasons for this, but bottom line, most people want to live where the jobs are.

That's big time!  Great job, guys!

This looks amazing. I too am a believer in letting your kids find a society at their own level, mostly from pragmatism.  It's going to happen one way or another, but you'd rather it happen at an age when intervention is still possible if that becomes necessary.

I also believe that learning group norming behavior is a critical life skill.

With Trump refusing to accept the election results, talk on the train this morning has been of insurrection.  My friend said that she wanted to take November 8th off from work, but I said that she'd be better off to take the 9th because that's when all the Trumpkins are going to go crazy.  If there's a day to sit out the commute, that's the day.

I often joke to people that I'll re-up with the Army when the Chinese reach the Hudson River, explaining that I have every intention of defending the Island of Manhattan from the ravening hordes.  Really, though, this refusal to accept the legitimacy of the democratic process is serious stuff.  Slate ran an article today saying that Trump is running "Against Democracy Itself".  Longtime readers will know that this has been my personal position for the better part of a year.  Only now are we beginning to see the explicit outlines of what has long been promised by his campaign.

I don't see how.  We mostly have decent jobs in an economy where good opportunities have gotten scarce, and they're making movies about our favorite comic book superheroes.  How does that mean Gen X is forgotten?

I was gonna show Darkman to my kids, but my God, it is violent as Hell.  It's also rated R, which I'd forgotten in the many, many years since I saw it myself during its theatrical release.

And that's all I've got.  Be good, folks.

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