Saturday, December 10, 2016

Go Army! Beat Navy!!!

These are some of my favorite videos from this year's Army-Navy week hype.

BEAT NAVY #Forever28 from Army Football Video on Vimeo.

This is from the ROK Army.  Having seen it, I now hope Nike honors the 2nd Infantry Division and service in the Korean War with next year's memorial uniform.

The next video was produced by Nike to introduce this year's uniforms.  Those are badass, as is the video.  I love how Nike immediately realized that this Army-Navy gameday uniform thing would be a deathmatch with Under Armor and came ready to fight and win.

This one is from Cadet Austin Lachance and Long Grey Cinemas.  He and his crew have done a lot of great work this year, and their official entry into this year's contest is no exception.

This last one is a compilation from various USMA staff and cadets.

Go Army!  Beat Navy!!!

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