Sunday, March 26, 2017

Go Army Sports!

As we noted yesterday, Army Sports had a big day.  The day started with Women's Lax vs. Bucknell.

My Saturday swim lesson was cancelled, so I was unexpectedly able to watch this one.  I thought the cadets were more physical than the Bison, and they did a nice job controlling the flow of the game.  However, they don't yet have quite enough control or consistency to take advantage all the opportunities that their physicality creates.  The Women got down by four goals in the first half, closed the difference to one, but weren't able to complete the comeback.  Still, given that this is the program's second season in the NCAA, I think they've out-performed expectations.

This was on TheRugbyChannel.TV but was stuck unexpectedly behind the pay-wall.  You can subscribe for a month for $4.99, but I didn't because by that time I was putting up blinds in my daughter's room.  That left me following the game via Twitter.

Navy was up 13-7 at half, but Army came storming back with a 17-point run to claim victory.  That's about all I know.

But it's enough.  Go Army!  Beat Navy!!!

Softball and Men's Lax both took on Colgate.  For Softball, yesterday's double-header was the first part of a three-game series, which the Black Knights swept 5-3, 8-7.  They followed that up with a 12-0 win this afternoon.  Army Softball stands at an outstanding 20-9.

Men's Lax was for me the main event of the day.  I'd planned to watch it down at Fairfield Craft Ales, but due to technical difficulties, I would up in my living room.

The game was a barn-burner.  Army came in ranked #8 in the country but exchanged rapid-fire goals early in the first before falling behind by three late in the second.  Colgate's goal-tender played exceptionally well yesterday, especially early.  However, a run late in the second quarter brought the Black Knights to within one as we headed into the half.

The second half saw Army settle down.  They switched back and forth from a zone defense to man-defense and got more aggressive on the attack.  Still, every time Army started to get on a run, Colgate would tie, again giving the contest a back-and-forth feel.  Army finally took the lead near the start of the fourth, and from there they slowly began to impose their will.
Not only is Army 4-0 in the Patriot League, they've also won seven games in a row!

Cole Johnson was on fire yesterday.

So.  This is my second season watching lacrosse, and I realized yesterday why I like it so much.  The tactics are virtually identical to those you see playing water polo.  The way these guys move the ball around on the outside looking for shots, the way they play zone defense, the way they pick or roll off a guy trying to get a shot, and even the sheer difficulty of carrying the ball in traffic... all of that is virtually identical to what you see in a water polo game.  I realize that for probably 95% of my readers that probably doesn't help much, but *for me* it's a good way into a game I've only just discovered.

I really enjoy watching lacrosse.  We are definitely heading to some more games this season.

Baseball split its double-header with Harvard.

The team is playing a second double-header with the Crimson again today, with Harvard having already taken the first game and ahead in the second.


Finally, Army Tennis is kicking ass, both Men and Women.

All-in-all, I'll call that a pretty good day for Army sports.

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