Sunday, March 12, 2017

Saturday's Workout: Yoga / Swimming / Weights

After getting cut short with last week's workout, I made sure to leave myself plenty of time yesterday.  I also switched it up a little bit, running on Thursday during the week, which allowed me to add weights back into my weekend routine with the implication that I now have to run at some point later today as well.

I spent the first part of this workout doing yoga, trying to get the kinks out of my neck and lower back.  Then I hit the pool.  I finished with a light weight session and then taught a swimming lesson.  So yeah, that was kind of a long morning.

This is me in the office lately.
Arm circles
Neck rolls, 5 in each direction
3 x sunrise salute
Seated forward fold
Single-leg hamstring stretch
Standing forward fold
Half lord of fishes (seated glute stretch)
Spinal twist
Eagle spinal twist (double leg then single leg)
Butterfly stretch
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Low forward lunge
Eagle (arms and shoulders only)
Standing calf stretch

That's most of it, anyway.  Took about 25 minutes.

200 SKIPS*
10 x 50 @ :50 long strokes, breathing every 3rd
5 x 200 @ 2:55 aerobic pace
2 x 200 pull @ 2:55
100 warm down

Total: 3000 yards

10 x bodyweight squats
10 x push-ups
10 x crunches

3 x Super-set
10 x dumbbell bench press
10 x goblet squats
15 x crunches

3 x Super-set
10 x dumbbell military press
10 x barbell front raise
15 x dolphin kick abs

3 x Super-set
10 x side-lateral raise
10 x push-ups
12 x Russian twists

3 x Giant-set
10 x French curls (curl bar)
10 x Close-grip bench press (same weight)

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