Monday, March 6, 2017

Swim / Run Brick (Tempo Intervals)

As the weather has gotten a little nicer in Connecticut, I’ve been moving away from being as exclusively swim-focused as I was over the winter, into a more balanced multisport training approach.  I don’t know that this means I’ll necessarily race a lot this summer, but since the sun is out, it seems like a shame to spend my time in an indoor pool.
I got this past weekend’s main workout from Runner’s World and decided to do it twice, once in the pool and once on the treadmill.  The original set was written for the track:
 3 x (4 x 440 @ :30 res), 1:00 between sets
With adaptations and time constraints, my workout went like this:


6 x 100 warm-up @ 1:30
3 x (4 x 150 @ 2:20), open water mile pace (~1:15/100)
 -- Rest 1:00 between sets
100 warm down
Total: 2500 yards
Standing arm circles
3/4 –mile easy warm-up (9:30/mile pace)
2 x (4 x 1/4-mile @ :30), tempo (i.e. not quite 5K pace, or 8:20/mile)
 -- Rest 1:00 between sets
3/4-mile run @ aerobic pace (9:20/mile pace)
Total: 3.75 miles
Triathlon clipart!
Workout Notes
Between dropping my daughter off at Girl Scouts early and teaching a private swimming lesson later Saturday morning, I gave myself something like two hours to do what I’d planned all the way through.  That wasn’t quite enough time.  With yoga and various stretching breaks, I needed at least two and a half hours and could have gone three easily.
The swimming portion was great save that it went a little longer than intended.  Doing 150s at 2:20 gave me a bit more than :25 rest per interval, and with that, I was able to hold the proper pacing all the way through.  Yay for pace planning.  An open water mile is almost exactly the same effort level for me as a 5K running race, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that it all worked out, but this was still a pretty good adaptation overall.
I’ve included my yoga routine because my buddy Andy was asking about it the other day.  Given more time, I’d have worked up to some standing exercises, especially Warrior and Crescent poses and maybe also some Triangle poses as well.  As it was, I had twenty minutes for yoga.
I put SiriusXM’s Hair Nation on in my earbuds and started running, but I was still stiff even well into my warm up.  So I got off and stretched again.  I felt better after that, but by then I was running out of time, which is why I wound up cutting the workout short and did just two sets of interval runs.  Still, I’m happy with how I ran.  I’d planned to run intervals at 8:30/mile but was instead alternating between 8:12 and 8:19 per mile.  That’s not too bad.
I’ve been swimming a lot lately, so of course, now I really want to sign up for a run / ride / run duathlon.  Go figure.

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