Saturday, May 27, 2017

I Get Letters: Writing as a "Hobby"

Thursday's was a classic:


My name is M___ and I'm from, INC. I came across your Army season preview and really enjoyed it. Was just wondering if you have every[sic] entertained writing about Army football for a hobby with a website?

My response:


I do some occasional freelance writing, but as a "hobby" I pretty much only write on my blog. I'm not looking for "exposure"; if I'm being honest, I'm already a good bit more famous than I ever actually meant to become. Also: I like being able to write whatever the Hell comes into my mind. 

With that said, I do "work" occasionally as a freelance writer, with the goal of paying for my Army season tickets through my hobbies (~$800/year). So, yeah, maybe I'll write for you, depending on what you want me to write & what you're paying. 

Thanks for the note,


And then on Twitter:

Needless to say, I've not heard back from M___.

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