Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday Workout: Swim/Run Brick

Hannah and I are headed to tomorrow's Yankee game, the finale of their series against the Baltimore Orioles and, in a larger sense, of the Yanks' long home-and-away series against their AL East rivals.  The Yankees are in first place in their division, and they won last night, so tomorrow's game will see the Bombers either looking to take the rubber match or else going for the sweep.  It should be an exciting game, especially since the Yankees have decided to rest their purported--but struggling--ace Masahiro Tanaka.

Who's going to pitch, and how are the Yankees going to handle Tanaka going forward?  We have no idea, but we should start to see some of these answers tomorrow.

More importantly, at least for the purposes of this post, tomorrow has turned into an unexpected Rest Day.  Indeed, since this has been the last week of my typical three-week training cycle, next week is a Rest Week.  That meant that I needed to get both a swim and a run in this morning, and also that I didn't have to worry about overworking since I'm already headed into a scheduled rest cycle.

5 x 100 @ 1:30 easy warm-up
200 kick
10 x 50 @ :45, breathing every third

10 x 100 pull @ 1:25, holding 1:15 or better per 100

100 easy

4 x 50 @ 1:00 fly (sprint) / free (easy)
 -- held :31 for both 50s fly

100 warm down

.5 miles walk/run, easy warm up
10 min's stretch

.75 miles aerobic pace (9:30/mile)
5 x .25 miles fast / .25 miles easy, descending:
 -- 8:45 / 9:30
 -- 8:30 / 9:40
 -- 8:13 / 9:50
 -- 8:06 / 9:50
 -- 6:57 / 9:50

.5 miles run/walk, easy cool down

* * *

I didn't necessarily feel like I had my best stuff today, but I took my time warming up, leaned into it, and ultimately felt like I came away with good efforts, both in the pool and on the treadmill.  The 100s pull were at an aerobic pace but aggressive, and when I finished with--granted just a touch--of speed work, I thought that went really, really well.  I felt good, even at full power.

The same thing happened on the treadmill.  I don't typically cut completely loose and put in fully 100% effort, but with a day off tomorrow and a rest week following, I could afford to do it today and did.  I was really pleased with my results.

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