Monday, April 1, 2019

Going Back Online

I'm back.  I don't know for how long or how often, but for awhile anyway.

A couple of things happened while I was away.  First, the revenue on the blog spiked to $63!  That means I only need another $37 to get an advertising check from Google.  That's doable.

Combat mermaid in action!
I have no idea what's driving the ad revenue.  Truthfully, I haven't paid a lot of attention, save that I noticed that my article about Mermaids for Dungeons & Dragons has been drawing maybe a dozen readers per day.  I would not have thought that was enough to generate roughly $30 over the course of two months, but who knows?  Maybe it was.
The other thing is that I've realized that I missed having an outlet to talk about stuff besides football.  On the one hand, it's been really great to have more time to read, but I happen to enjoy working out my thoughts through writing.  I can't really do that with As For Football, and honestly, the need to constantly stay on topic drives me crazy.  I love the site, but I miss having another outlet.

On thing I'm not going to do is try to blog as much.  You obviously need to check back here every day to see if there's new content, but *I* only plan on posting maybe once a week or so.

Thanks for your patience.

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