Thursday, February 23, 2023

30 Day Poetry Challenge: Day 23

My daughter Hannah suggested this challenge for our family. She wanted to try writing more poetry, and she hoped that this challenge might get her into the habit. She, my daughter Emma, and I started this thing, and then my wife joined after a few days. Now we are all doing the challenge. 

Today is Day 23.

23. Choose an inanimate object. Write from its point of view. Have it questions its purpose and the meaning of existence.

I am a snowboard. 
I am meant for the snow.
Not to sit in this closet,
Where no one will know

About my sharpened edge
And my gorgeous line,
How I carve through fresh powder
When the snow is real fine.

I went on a plane
Out West on a junket 
And rocked out in the beauty
Of Colorado’s winter blanket.

But now I sit forgotten 
In this forlorn closet space 
Forgetting my purpose,
Mouldering in dark and dank place.

I long for the sunshine 
And the show’s cold embrace;
I long for the mountains
And the mighty North Face.

My binding need boots
And my boots need two feet,
For this tiny little snowboard,
That’s such a great treat!

So come down and get me
And take me to snow;
Let’s rock out on these mountains!
Let’s go go go go!!!

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