Tuesday, October 14, 2014

There's good news, and there's bad news...

The good news is that the New York City Comic Con was held over the weekend, and Marvel used the event to release some footage of its new Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon.

My kids will like that.

The bad news is that this happened Sunday night:

Ouch.  And here I'd convinced myself that the Giants had turned the corner this season and had a shot to make the playoffs.


Finally, Marvel also announced Rosario Dawson's role on its new Netflix Daredevil series during the NYC Comic Con.  She'll be playing the Night Nurse, a sort of combat medic to New York's street-level superheroes.

It is incredibly difficult to find pictures of the Night Nurse that are not
obviously posted in violation of copyright.  Covers are promotional, however,
and therefore fair game, so...  This was the most salacious shot I could find.
The articles I've read have all mentioned that the Night Nurse is a love interest of Luke Cage, but her most recent appearance has been as a supporting character in Brian K. Vaughn's Dr. Strange: The Oath.  

Frank Miller invented this look for Daredevil in his 1993 miniseries
The Man Without Fear.  However, Night Nurse saw more play
during the Bendis/Maleev run, which is still one of my all-time favorites.
It's all connected one way or another, but I'll be interested to see exactly how, especially since Strange has a movie coming out sooner or later. 


  1. I had no idea the Night Nurse was such a long-standing character! I thought she was a Bendis invention to make the Marvel street-level heroes more 'realistic'. Glad to see her being part of this series; my bet was that Rosario Dawson would be Echo (also from the Bendis run).

    1. I'm with you on both counts. I thought she was going to be Echo for sure. It made me wonder if maybe they would do a Moon Knight series based on the very short lived Bendis/Maleev series. I loved that one.