Friday, December 8, 2017

5 Things on a Friday: Beat Navy!

Almost there, folks.  One and a butt.

Set in a very Blade Runner-eque future, every human has a “cortical stack” which records all of their thoughts, experiences, and the essence of what is the individual. The effect of this is that when a body dies, the stack can be removed and placed in a new body and the person can continue theoretically perpetually.

Altered Carbon is one of my very favorite novels.  Whenever someone asks for a reading recommendation, I always start there.  Absolutely cannot wait to see this one on the screen.
Bradshaw is a chess enthusiast, using an app on his phone whenever he gets a break from the hyperdemanding schedule of a cadet.
In chess, he thinks several moves ahead. In football, he anticipates the next play. Watch for a smile Saturday after the play call comes in from the sideline. That means he predicted it correctly.
Bradshaw’s personal story doesn’t get as much play as you might expect given what he survived to get to West Point.  That may change on Saturday, though...
According to the report, Tarantino pitched his idea to Abrams, and the current plan is for the pair to assemble a writer’s room of screenwriters who will then develop the concept into a screenplay. Handing off writing duties would appear to be a good fit for both filmmakers given their current schedules: Tarantino is about to start shooting his next movie, a drama set in Los Angeles around the time of the Charles Manson murders, while Abrams is diving into Star Wars: Episode IX.
[Tarantino] has served as a for-hire director in television before, helming episodes of both ER and CSI.
I really hope this happens.  If it does, I expect it will very closely mirror the style and idiosyncrasies of the original 1960s TV series.  
Among other things, the original show was considerably sexier and just straight-up manlier than anything that’s come in the years since.  By comparison, The Next Generation went so far towards being unisex that it took half a decade for Patrick Stewart to emerge as the show’s legit alpha male.  Star Trek: Voyager then swung the other direction, creating a decidedly womanly show that in time became an extended examination of what it meant to be female in the Star Trek universe.
I will admit to an abiding love for the last four seasons of Voyager.  If you’ve never read it, I did an extended breakdown and analysis a few years ago called “Deconstructing Voyager” that I personally believe to be the best pop-culture piece that’s ever appeared on this blog.
Army’s defense is known for sending everybody at the quarterback more so than Navy, Temple offensive tackle Cole Boozer said.
“The blitzing Army brought was very dynamic and they disguised their blitzes well,” he said. “Navy didn’t blitz as much.”
Nutile agreed that the Black Knights were creative in rushing the passer. “Army used more exotic blitzes,” he said.
Against Temple, Army had two sacks, and Navy didn’t have any. Leading the way for Army was middle linebacker James Nachitigal, who had 13 tackles and one sack. He leads the Black Knights with 87 tackles. Navy’s leading tackler against Temple was outside linebacker Michah Thomas, who had 10 and has a team-high 72 tackles.
Good article.  There’s also has a discussion about the differences in the offenses, with Temple players describing Navy’s as a “perimeter game”.  
The Temple defensive players seemed to like and appreciate Navy’s offense a little more, but they also had more success stopping it.  Not sure what to make of that.
5. Lead From the Front
This one is called “Sing Second”:

That's all I've got.

Go Army!  Beat Navy!!!

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