Saturday, December 2, 2017

College Football Championship Saturday!

 What a wild week of college football!  Former National Championship coach Phillip Fulmer is your new AD at Tennessee, and he will (presumably) name USC OC Tee Martin as his head football coach and principal understudy soon.  USC won the PAC 12 just last night in fine fashion, so on any sort of merit basis, this looks like a fine hire.  Nevertheless, I heard folks on ESPNU radio yesterday talking about this like it was some kind of nefarious conspiracy.  They managed to make new AD Phillip Fulmer sound like the Lord Voldemort of Tennessee football.
"Good ole' Rocky Top..."
The program has long since gone off the rails.  Why not look to your own rather accomplished lineage to get it back on track?  That makes sense to me, and it ensures that the people you bring in will be bought in to the program.  That's kind of important right now, especially at Tennessee.
Meanwhile, we have games today!  Championship games!!!
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AAC Championship: #20 Memphis at #14 UCF (ABC)
MAC Championship: Akron vs Toledo (ESPN)
C-USA Championship: North Texas at Florida Atlantic (ESPN2)
I don’t much care about the MAC championship, but the other two are both interesting contests, particularly for Army fans.  Speaking personally, I would very much like to see Memphis and North Texas come away with wins, but I’m not sure I’d bet that way in either case.
My bets:
North Texas (+11.5), UCF (-7.5).

12:30 PM        
Big 12 Championship: #11 TCU vs #3 Oklahoma (        FOX)        
Not much of a rooting interest here, but if Oklahoma wins, it becomes kind of a mess for the CFB playoffs.
My bet:
Oklahoma (-7.5).
3:30 PM        
SEC Championship: #6 Georgia vs #2 Auburn (CBS)
I’m pulling for Auburn.  No real reason, but if they win, it probably keeps Alabama out.  That’s good for everyone.  Teams should not be allowed into the playoff if they don’t win their conference.  That should be Rule #1.
My bet:
Auburn (-1.5).

7:45 PM  
Mountain West Championship: #25 Fresno State at Boise State (ESPN)
Boise State is somehow a 10-point favorite.  Wow!  I’m seriously surprised.
My bet:
Fresno State (+10).
8:00 PM
ACC Championship: #7 Miami vs #1 Clemson (ABC)        
Big Ten Championship: #8 Ohio State vs #4 Wisconsin (Fox)
And again, wow.  When was the last time the ACC Championship was the Main Event on Championship Saturday?  That’s got to ruffle some feathers in the SEC, right?
If what you really want for Christmas is yet another Alabama national championship, then you’re rooting for Miami and Ohio State.  If you believe in the importance of conference championships, you have little choice but to pull for Wisconsin and Clemson.
My bets:
Miami (+8), Wisconsin (+6.5).
I love this spot for Wisconsin.  Whether you believe that “defense travels” or that “defense wins championships,” either way, I think they’re the team to beat.  
Alas, I also think Alabama HC Nick Saban is somehow going to talk his way into the playoff next week, but what can you do?

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Next week: Go Army!  Beat Navy!

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