Saturday, March 10, 2018

Six Things on a Saturday: Trying to Get Caught Up

I’ve had a busy week.  Did a lot happen while I was gone?
I actually have the day off!  Yay!!!

[S]tars of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette typically take home fees upwards of $100,000, but the lowercase-b bachelors and bachelorettes competing for their hearts make exactly zero dollars. Appearing on these shows constitutes a sizable financial investment, given that contestants have to leave their jobs for six weeks to participate (with very little notice), and furnish their own wardrobe of rose-ceremony-ready formalwear and group-date-ready athleisure.
Why does anyone go on The Bachelor?  I mean, I’d get it if they were getting paid, but to actually lose money?  
Wait, what?!
That’s worse than NCAA Football.  ABC is making a mint without paying it’s stars.  How is that not a violation of Federal labor laws?
New York Times columnist Charles M. Blow, meanwhile, wrote, "Oh hell no! When PERFORMING blackness gets more attention than actually BEING BLACK."
Fair point.  I mean, I think Dolezal’s case is interesting enough that I clicked on the article and read through it, but what do I know?
Counterpoint: this trailer is unwatchable.

Netflix claims that it didn’t pay Dolezal for the documentary.  So why’d she agree?  I have no idea.
The show premieres April 27th.
The good news is that the Trump administration has adopted an approach toward North Korea that goes beyond trading insults, or missiles. They are going to talk.
The bad news? Donald Trump intends to do it himself.
“I’m elated and horrified at the same time,” said Jim Walsh, a senior research associate at the MIT Security Studies Program and a board member of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. “Elated because the parties are talking; horrified by the prospect of the two most unusual leaders in the world together in a room—what could possibly go wrong?”

4.  Bills trade Tyrod Taylor to Browns (PFT)
Taylor leaving the Bills doesn’t come as a surprise as the team never fully committed to him as their starter last season or this offseason. They were due to pay him a $6 million roster bonus at the start of the new league year, but that will now fall to the Browns while the Bills kick off the hunt for a quarterback to join Nathan Peterman on the depth chart in Buffalo. With two first-round picks at their disposal, they have a lot of potential paths to finding that player.
This makes me sad.  The Bills never quite lived up to their potential with Taylor under center, but for as many of their games as I watched, I never thought that he himself was the problem.  Taylor gets a bad rap because he’s a running quarterback, but he’s also a pretty good passer who’s never really had a lot of talent around him.
The Browns have also acquired WR Jarvis Landry, so here’s hoping.
Long story short: troops and planes but no tanks.  Also, the parade will be on Veteran’s Day not the 4th of July.  Bottom line, troops will lose a day off that’s meant to celebrate their service in order to march in a parade that they don’t want., and it’s not even gonna be the Best Parade Ever.
Here’s hoping they put the entire Corps of Cadets out there to lead the way.  "Eyes right!"
6. Odds and Ends

I really like the new season of Jessica Jones.  I actually like it a little better than the first season.  More mystery, more investigation.  That's a good thing.

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